What are the precautions for the storage and use of non-woven cooler bags

What are the precautions for the storage and use of non-woven cooler bags

  In the summer, more and more companies start to use non-woven cooler bags, especially food companies, because milk, cheese and other food packaging and transportation need non-woven cooler bags. However, the food remaining in the non-woven cooler bags is prone to bad smell, so the non-woven cooler bags must be cleaned regularly. Non-woven cooler bags and their refrigeration measures and related working conditions. It is a refrigeration tool that does not consume energy. In addition, in situations where refrigeration requirements are more stringent, electronic non-woven cooler bags that require energy consumption to achieve the purpose of precise refrigeration are required. The following editor will take you to understand the precautions for storage and use of non-woven cooler bags:


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  Precautions for the use and storage of non-woven insulation bags:


  1. Open the upper cover, and use a soft towel or sponge dipped in warm water or neutral detergent to clean and wipe it.


  2. Open flame contact or cutting with sharp knives are prohibited.


  3. Avoid long-term exposure to rain, humidity, and sunlight, which will affect the heat preservation effect.


  4. After using detergent, it must be cleaned with clean water, and then wiped dry with a dry cloth.


  5. Frequently remove the dust on the top of the non-woven insulation bag to avoid affecting the aesthetic effect.


  6. According to the needs of life, different sizes are designed and used with reusable technology ice packs. The ice pack can keep cold and heat (the minimum ice pack can be frozen to -190℃, the highest can be heated to 200℃, and it can be cut to any size).


  Cooler bags are good companions and helpers for businesses and individual consumers in winter and summer. I believe that after reading the above points, you will pay more attention to the use and maintenance of non-woven insulation bags. If you need to customize related Products, please contact China Taigang Crafts.

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