What are the precautions for custom cooler bags

  Cooler bags are widely used in daily life. Go to the mall to buy clothes, or go to the supermarket to buy things, you need cooler bags. Many businesses or companies, in order to promote their own brands, often customize cooler bags in batches and print their own brand advertisements on them to achieve better brand promotion. Then do you know what you need to pay attention to when customizing cooler bags?


What are the precautions for custom cooler bags


  1. Customized quantity


  You need to communicate well with the manufacturer before ordering, how many orders need to be ordered, this depends on the quantity, the discount will be different, and you must also know. The minimum amount of customization, and only when this value is reached, the manufacturer can customize it for you.


  2. Material


  Before custom-made, we must understand its material and make it clear what kind of material to choose. At present, the main materials for the production of cooler bags are polyethylene and polypropylene. The former is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, while the latter is toxic and harmful and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, the scope and purpose of use are very different. When customizing, choose the appropriate materials according to what your cooler bags are used for.


  3. Design


  When customizing cooler bags, it is also very important for its entire design. Every business will have its own different characteristics, and will also have its own different signs. So when making cooler bags, I hope to reflect my own characteristics and logo in the cooler bags packaging, which is also a kind of advertising.


  4. Size


  Generally, it is customized according to the size provided by the user. If the user cannot provide it, the manufacturer will provide several sample sizes for the user to choose.

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