What are the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of cotton bags

Cotton bag is a kind of environmentally friendly cloth bag, which is compact, convenient, durable, and does not pollute the environment. The biggest advantage is that it can be reused. Thereby reducing environmental pollution to a greater extent. Cotton bag is a very popular environmental protection bag in the world. Cotton cloth is derived from natural cotton, and most environmental protection cotton bags are rarely dyed.


What are the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of cotton bags


Advantages and disadvantages of cotton bags:


1. Advantages: Cotton and linen bags use natural cotton tissue, which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so it has high elasticity, moisture retention, and fits human skin without feeling stuffy and comfortable to touch. Even if the human body sweats, it can be absorbed quickly to restore the body temperature to normal. It is better to use in summer. Cotton and linen bags are made of natural environmentally friendly materials. From planting to hand-woven into cloth, no oranges are added in the process, and no chemical heavy metal ions are added. It is a real green ecological textile treasure. According to scientific research, cotton and linen fabrics will not be damaged due to excessive temperature in an environment of 110°C. Therefore, cotton and linen fabrics have strong heat resistance, and timely high-temperature weather or high-temperature washing will not affect the service life.


2. Disadvantages: Regardless of cotton or linen, their anti-wrinkle ability is relatively poor, and deep marks will be left after intense friction, and even such marks cannot be automatically repaired, and they need to be ironed later. Compared with pure cotton fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics have a certain degree of roughness, and will have a hemp tingling sensation when worn on the body, so they are rarely made into underwear. In addition, the gloss of cotton and linen bags is average and does not have a sense of high gloss.


Features of making cotton and linen bags:


Cotton and linen bags are very environmentally friendly in the selection of raw materials; in addition, the price of cotton bags is higher than that of non-woven fabrics. The companies and units that choose it generally pay more attention to environmental protection and are more powerful. They use ink. It will not save that point of cost; it is degradable, and its firmness is also higher than that of non-woven fabrics, and its pattern printing and imaging effect is also very good, which is much better than other fabric bags, and Cotton bags can satisfy people's curiosity, as cartoons, environmental protection propaganda and other personalities, and can also be used as small gifts on holidays, which undoubtedly become a little helper in life.


The production process of cotton bags: Because different customers have different design requirements for cotton bags, many manufacturers are now making better adjustments to the needs of customers, including what bags and fabrics are needed, etc., which can meet a variety of large quantities And high-quality cotton bags. Among them, customers can add their own thoughts on the cotton bag scheme, and the manufacturer will complete it according to these requirements. Regarding the color, it is usually printed by professionals after the customer has determined the number of needs.


In terms of printing, it must be very clear and beautiful so that the cotton and linen bags can better attract people’s attention, and logistics are all based on the requirements of customers to reach the city where they are located. Generally, a certain amount of deposit is required first. Let the contract take effect.

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