The difference between polyester cotton cloth and pure cotton cloth

Nowadays, what many merchants call pure cotton is actually polyester-cotton cloth, because the two are indeed very similar, and the polyester-cotton color is brighter, and the fiber structure is more compact and dense. So everyone must learn how to distinguish, so as not to be fooled. Here are the three main methods that Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co. Ltd has thought about:


The difference between polyester cotton cloth and pure cotton cloth


1. Visually:

The color of polyester-cotton cloth is brighter than that of pure cotton; if it is printed cloth, the contrast between the front and back of the pure cotton cloth will be greater, while the front and back colors of the polyester-cotton cloth are closer.


2. Hand feel:

The pure cotton cloth is soft but not smooth, and the polyester cotton cloth feels a bit slippery to the touch.


3. Combustion method:

This is also the most intuitive method widely adopted by industry insiders. Pure cotton cloth, which is instant, the flame is yellow, and the burning smell is the same as burning paper. After burning, the edge is soft and will leave little gray-black flocculent ashes; the polyester-cotton cloth shrinks and then melts when it is close to the flame. It emits thick black smoke, giving off a smell of inferior fragrance. After burning, the edges become hard, and the ashes are dark brown lumps, but they can be crushed.


After learning the difference between these three simple polyester-cotton fabrics and pure cotton fabrics, if you encounter any problems, you can contact us Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co. Ltd for answers. Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co.Ltd has many years of experience in this field, I believe we have the ability and confidence to solve your problems.

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