How to distinguish cotton bags

How to distinguish cotton bags? Friends often ask us about this issue at Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co. Ltd. Simply put, the pure cotton eco-friendly bag is an eco-friendly bag made of pure cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is derived from natural cotton, which is relatively greener and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is also the most widely used environmental protection bag in the field of international environmental protection bags.


How to distinguish cotton bags


Let's talk about the advantages of cotton bags first, Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co. Ltd summarizes the following 5 points.


1. Due to the delicate texture of the cotton bag, the screen printing imaging effect is very good, and exquisite patterns can be produced.


2. Since its firmness is much higher than that of non-woven fabrics, it can be washed with water at the time, which is much easier than non-woven fabrics and can be recycled many times.


3. The color of the cotton bag is water-based ink when printing, which is non-toxic, smellless and bright in color.


4. Excellent moisture absorption and air permeability.


5. It is degradable, does not pollute the environment, and is truly super environmentally friendly.


But at the same time, cotton bags also have shortcomings. They are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, not strong, feel shapeless, and have a monotonous style.


How to distinguish cotton bags? We think that cotton fabrics feel thinner and smoother, feel a little hard when rubbed, and leave obvious wrinkles. They are easily deformed when pulled, and look a bit transparent to the light. The price of cotton eco-friendly bags at the cloth bag factory in Beijing is basically between 3 yuan and 20 yuan, and the general minimum order quantity is 500 bags. The colors of cotton bags are available in the general seven colors. Generally speaking, the natural colors of cotton such as white and beige are the most custom-made. The specific price of the cotton bag needs to be submitted to the customer service of Wenzhou Taigang Crafts Co.Ltd. The customer service will operate in accordance with the following process: quotation-proofing-contract signing-finished product production-delivery-settlement.

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