A brief introduction to cotton bags

Cotton bag is a kind of environmentally friendly cloth bag, which is compact, convenient, durable, and does not pollute the environment.The biggest advantage of cotton bags is that they can be reused. Thereby reducing environmental pollution to a greater extent. Cotton bags are also very popular in the world for environmental protection bags, because cotton cloth is derived from natural cotton, and most environmental protection cotton bags are rarely dyed.


A brief introduction to cotton bags


Material of cotton bag:


It is very environmentally friendly in terms of raw materials; in addition, because the price of cotton bags is higher than that of non-woven fabrics, the companies and units that choose it generally pay more attention to environmental protection and are more powerful, and they will not save that point in ink. Expensive; it is degradable and does not pollute the environment; its firmness is much higher than that of non-woven fabrics, and its fine lines are good for printing and imaging, which is also stronger than non-woven fabrics; its fabric It is soft and easy to fold and carry; because it is a cotton cloth, it is not easier to clean than a non-woven cloth. This kind of cloth bag is most suitable as a shopping bag, but it is not popular because of its high cost and complicated craftsmanship.


And what factors will affect the price of customized cotton bags?


①Printing: Screen printing/thermal transfer, we generally use screen printing, so the printed color and printed area will affect the final production cost; the more colors, the larger the printed area, the more complex the printed pattern, the higher the price.


②Size: The larger the size, the higher the price. When designing the size of the eco-bag, take care of the width of the fabric as much as possible. If the size of the product does not match the width of the fabric, it may cause great waste, so Will lead to higher prices.


③Quantity: The more customized quantity, the cheaper the price will be.


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